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“Fiery battle between RCB and LSG sees Kohli, Naveen, Mishra and pacer embroiled in on-field drama”

The recent altercation between Virat Kohli and Amit Mishra, followed by an episode with Naveen-ul-Haq, created an uncomfortable scene that continued even after the match ended. The footage captured Kohli warning Mishra to calm down Naveen before the Afghanistan cricketer threw a stare at the former RCB captain. Despite shaking hands after the match, Kohli and Naveen exchanged words once again. The row began in the 17th over when Kohli had a heated chat with the on-field umpires, who tried to calm him down. 

The situation escalated when Kohli had an ugly spat with LSG mentor Gautam Gambhir, who charged at the RCB stalwart, ignoring attempts from Rahul and others to stop him. After the incident, Kohli spoke with Rahul, possibly explaining his side of the story, when Naveen walked past.

 Later, Kohli had a short exchange with Mishra, with the umpire standing in between, attempting to stop the fight. The incident was regrettable and marred what could have been a great match.

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